TapeMe Wedding Films – Cheshire | Liverpool | Wirral

Here at TapeMe, we’ve been producing wedding films for over 10 years, for so long in fact, that we used to use cameras that filmed to video tape, hence the name.

These days we have the most up to date DSLR cameras, digital audio equipment and even a drone, and our goal is to produce stunning, beautifully produced, cinematic wedding films at an affordable price. We work throughout the North West of England and North Wales. We hope that you will find our website a great way to find out what we have to offer, with a simple and straight forward route to booking us to film your wedding.

So please scroll down a little further to see samples of our work, find out about our pricing and options, and for contact details to begin making your booking.

Our Wedding Films

Our wedding films usually start with the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, then cover the guests arriving at the ceremony venue, the ceremony itself, plus coverage up until just before the wedding breakfast. The footage is edited on the day of the wedding to produce a highlights film of around 4-5 minutes.  No waiting for weeks and weeks to see your wedding film, we give you a USB stick with the HD film before we go home, there’s even the option to have the film played on our big projection screen before your first dance, a great way to start your evening party.

Here’s some examples of our Highlights films from previous weddings.

Pricing & Options

The Wedding Film £600

Our wedding film package is unique and affordable. Starting 2 hours before the ceremony, we film from bride prep through to the beginning of the wedding breakfast. Although working discreetly as a one man team, we will usually employ 2 cameras for the ceremony, and as a fully licensed drone operator, we also have the option to include aerial shots (within the limits of legal flight restrictions and the UK weather).

While you are eating your wedding breakfast, we’ll be editing the footage to create a cinematic HD film of your day, typically around 4-5 minutes long. You can choose the music for your highlights film, and we’ll put it onto a USB stick for you before we go, so you’ll be able to watch your wedding film the next morning.

Option 1 – Big Screen Viewing +£100

This is a very popular option, for just £100 extra you can turn your wedding highlights film into part of your evening entertainment. We’ll setup our popup 90″ screen, projector and PA system and play your wedding film in front of you and your guests before the 1st dance. It’s a great way to start the evening party.

Here’s a video showing Sian & Kevin with their guests at Wellington Hall in Cheshire watching their wedding highlights film just before their 1st dance:

Option 2 – Full Ceremony, Speeches & 1st Dance Film +£200

With this option, we film the full ceremony, speeches and 1st dance. After the wedding we produce a full length edited film of these 3 parts of the day.

Note: We do make some edits during the signing of the register, and also handover between speakers during the speeches. We usually film for a few minutes after the first dance to capture footage of your guests joining you on the dance floor.

This option can be combined with Option 1, which is a very popular choice.

Here’s a typical example Ceremony & Speeches Film:

Option 3 – Full Length Wedding Film +400

Our Full Length Wedding Film Option includes filming of the full speeches and first dance. After the wedding we edit a full length film which includes an opening montage with music backing track covering bride prep and guests arriving, then the full ceremony, followed with a montage of clips from  after the ceremony, and then the full speeches. Finally finishing with the full 1st dance, so you get a full length wedding film covering the entire day. This can be combined with Option 1 to complete our ultimate wedding film package.

Here’s an example of a one of our Full Length Wedding Films (note, this film also includes a short section of evening clips from before the 1st dance, this is not included as standard):

Additional Copies, DVDs & Blu-Ray Discs

Your wedding film is delivered on a USB stick before we leave. If you would like addition USB sticks these are available for £20 each, alternatively we can provide DVD copies for £20 each or Blu-Ray discs for £30 each. If you order options 2 or 3 above, we will send your longer film as well as your highlights film on a USB stick as soon as it’s ready, additional copies will also include both the highlights film and any additional film ordered.

Drone Photographs

As Stuart is a fully qualified drone pilot we usually include drone video footage in the wedding film as long as the weather and location are safe for flying (i.e. not too near to an airport or in a built up area). This is included in the price of our video package.

However our drone also has the capability to take stunning 12MP photographs, something that very few wedding photographers can offer. If you like we can take a selection of aerial images in Raw (.dng) and JPEG format which we are happy to provide to your wedding photographer and yourselves. These can be used in your wedding album (processed by your photographer to match their ‘look’) and even in blog and social media posts. If your photographer uses the images online we simply ask for a link crediting us for the image.

We will take at least 5 images and up to 10 in total. The cost for this add-on is £100, the cost will be refunded if for some reason we are unable to take the images (bad weather, technical problems etc.).


So you’ve seen our work, and read all about our pricing and options. Hopefully you liked what you saw 🙂

So, if you’re interested in booking us to film your wedding, please take a moment to submit the simple form below. We’ll check our availability and get right back to you, it’s a nice and simple online process from then on to get all the information we need, and for you to secure your wedding date.